What is the Link Between Acid Reflux And Fibromyalgia?

womanYou will be surprised to find out that there are still a few doctors who will not recognize Fibromyalgia as a real medical condition. Those who have been diagnosed can tell you that it is very real, and it is very troubling. Some even suffers with heartburn, and wondering if acid reflux and Fibromyalgia are connected.

Fibromyalgia is something like chronic fatigue syndrome, and will leave sufferers feeling sore, tired, and just plain blah throughout the day. This happens because they are not achieving deep sleep at night. They may be waking up multiple times. Some studies suggest their sleep is always interrupted before deep sleep occurs, and the body and the mind do not have the opportunity to heal during the night as intended.

It would seem that more and more people are being diagnosed with gastric reflux, which is also called GERD. This is adults and children, as well as infants. When stomach acids are not contained within the stomach thanks to a weak valve at the top of the stomach, the acid then goes up into the mouth and throat. These tissues are not designed to handle the acid, and burning and damage will result. You can not really assume that this is a cause of Fibromyalgia, but you can say that it would worsen the condition from those who have it and the statistics suggest around 60% of Fibro sufferers have GERD.

Because someone with Fibromyalgia already has problems with interrupted sleep cycles, the reflux would only serve to make it worse. It might interrupt any good sleep that person might have been getting, and this can only make that person feel ever worse upon wakening each morning.

If the gastric reflux can be controlled, it might help that person sleep a little better, though it certainly won’t solve the problem entirely. A patient who has reflux during the day is having it at night, even if they aren’t aware that they are waking up. Your doctor might give you medications to control the reflux, and that may improve overall sleep patterns for some with Fibromyalgia. There are also some natural herbs that can be tried if recommended by a doctor.

There are also some lifestyle changes a person can make on their own to see if their gastric reflux and Fibromyalgia problems might be related to one another. It is recommended that someone with reflux sleep with their head and upper torso elevated so that the acid is not leaking up in to the esophagus. A change in diet might be in order. Foods that are spicy can make flare ups worse, along with things like acidic fruits and alcohol.

There are also over-the-counter drugs that can make gastric reflux and Fibromyalgia worse. Your doctor can tell you which ones to avoid. Take any prescriptions that are recommended and  keep your appointments with your doctor. Some relief can be found if reflux can be controlled. Anyone with Fibromyalgia will say that anything, even it is just a little help, they will willingly try it.

If you find that drugs are not effective, I suggest that you try this holistic method by Jeff Martin. Many of heartburn acid reflux sufferers have benefited from this method. Click below to find out more:

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