What is the Connection Between Acid Reflux and Diarrhea

Have you ever noticed that a large number of heartburn acid reflux patients seem to suffer from frequent irritable bowel symptoms(IBS) also? For sure, there is a relation between heartburn acid reflux and diarrhea.

What is The Connection?

There are 2 possible connections to the health problems. One of conncection is digestion. If you are suffering both heartburn acid reflux and diarrhea symptoms, mostly likely, you are having digestion problem which have both symptoms.

Medical studies have shown that acid reflux disease can occur when the intestinal and lower-stomach muscles involuntarily relax.  This can lead to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and diarrhea, too.

The other relation between acid reflux and diarrhea is taking drug to stop acid reflux symptoms.  Currently, a number of studies show that drugs taken to alleviate acid reflux are actually one of causes for diarrhea.  In fact, the two basic categories for acid reflux medical treatment are protein pump inhibitors (PPI’s) and H-2 blockers.  Some common brand name versions of these drugs you may know are Prilosec & Nexium for PPI’s, and Zantac and Pepcid for H-2 blockers.  Diarrhea has been found to be a side effect of taking both of these drug categories.

What is The Cause?

H-2 blockers and protein pump inhibitors both have been shown to facilitate the excessive growth of the bacteria Clostridium difficile (C-diff).   These excessive amounts of C-diff growing rampant in the large intestine, or colon, are responsible for causing diarrhea. Unfortunately, antibiotics taken for separate problems (or related) can kill the “good” bacteria that are needed to ward of C-diff in the large intestine.

Colitis, a painful form of cramping intestinal inflammation, can result from too much C-diff.  Compounding matters, these infections can spread very easily in populated places such as hospitals and dorms.

What is The Reason?

Primarily, we know that taking drugs to combat any disease can weaken the body’s defenses. This is also the case for taking medication to fight acid reflux.

The stomach acid in a person’s body is not just for act as a function for digesting food, but also acts as a barrier to stop any unwanted bugs from entering our bodies.  These drugs used to suppress stomach acid can only weaken this defense, allowing access to certain bacteria (like C-diff) that would otherwise not be admitted.

If you have no choice but to use medical treatments for your acid reflux, just bear in mind that the side effect of the medicine can cause your body defense to weaken. It is best that you maintain constant contact with your doctor.

Another supplement called Probiotics which some people take to help them to relieve IBS symptoms including diarrhea and relief digestion. They also help to keep the bad bacteria at a manageable level. Primal Defense™ is a whole food probiotic blend, which customers have given 4.5 out of 5 – you can read their reviews here: Primal Defense

Alternatively, you may want to check out the holistic approach to cure your acid reflux problem without popping pills. Read more about it- > Heartburn No More

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