Heartburn Acid Reflux Prevention – How to Eat Your Dessert Without Having GERD

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We all love to eat. Mouth-watering frosted cake, three scoops of their favorite ice cream, luscious chocolate fondue, and the list goes on and on.

The question is: “How can you naturally cure your GERD or acid reflux, and enjoy dessert at the same time, especially when most sweets by their very nature are mis-combined and even very acid forming?”

Actually, it is quite simple. Read on to find out more.

Everyone enjoys a dessert once in awhile. Unfortunately, if one is not able to control one’s cravings for sweets and keeps on consuming them like there’s no tomorrow. Much more, if you are suffering from digestive disorders such as GERD, acid reflux, heartburn and gastritis. Here are 3 simple methods which you can eat your dessert without having any stomach problem.

Most importantly, the key thing to remember is you can only indulge again once you have gotten into a more alkaline state. Your body can be more equipped to handle it by that time.

Once you have gotten through that phase:

1. Make it a habit to choose your dessert to combine properly with your meal. – Whether you had a helping of steak and vegetable salad, or rice and vegetables along with a sweet potato, remind yourself that your sweet selection should match with what you just ate. There is another article of mine that dwells in proper food combining and discusses the different kinds of food, along with which foods can go together.

2. Wait as long as you can (at least 3 hours) after a properly combined meal before you have your dessert. – We both know that’s not easy to do, especially when the scent of your favorite sweet catches your nose! You may want to store your dessert a little further inside your refrigerator or freezer if this is the case. Even though you had a good meal combination, you still need to make sure that your digestion will not be altered by taking enough time in between. This is also good in case you do not know if the dessert you’re eating is acid forming.

3. Your next two meals should be at least 50% high water content foods to help cleanse your digestive system. — This involves tracking down what you had for dessert (especially the quantity of it) and ensuring that your next two meal choices contain fresh fruits and vegetables. A necessary thing, if you want to maintain good digestion in your body.

Digestive disorders can GREATLY reduce the quality of your life.

Do you know that there is a natural and better way to relieve your condition which could save you thousands of dollars? Trial and error approaches might cost you more in the end.

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