$5 dollar Heartburn Healers by Dr Oz

Dr Oz Show

Dr Oz Show

In the show, Dr Oz listed three things that everyone should do if heartburn or acid reflux is a problem for you two or more times a week:

1.  Make a doctors appointment because, even if over-the-counter medicine can take care of the pain, these drugs may not address the core problem and they will not fix the damage you may be causing.

2.  Avoid red sauces like tomato sauce, garlic, and things with caffeine like peppermint tea or chocolate.

3.  Do not wear control top underwear, because it is very tight and squeezes the acid up into your esophagus.

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Watch Dr Oz: $5 Heartburn Healers

Heartburn Remedy #1 – Antacids

Dr Oz said that antacids are a great $5 Heartburn Healer because they only cost $4 and work well.

Heartburn Remedy #2 – Lozenges

By sucking on a Sore Throat Lozenge, you stimulate saliva which helps to dilute the acid in your stomach.

Heartburn Remedy #3 – Books Under Your Bed

Dr Oz said that many people with acid reflux and heartburn realize that they should keep their heads propped up, but using many pillows is not a good idea because your head can easily roll off the pillow.  Instead, place a tall book (of the same thickness) underneath both posts of your bed frame on the side of your headboard.  This will keep your bed at a slight angle so that the acid will go down instead of up into your esophagus.

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